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Regional Youth Summit Menoken Southeast Asia 2021: A Meeting of Indigenous Youths from Indonesia and the Philippines

Bogor, 18 November 2021. Hosted simultaneously in two Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia and the Philippines, this latest Menoken event will be held from 19-21 November 2021. Unlike previous Menoken activities, which took place in a single location but involved several communities, this iteration will involve communities in seven locations in the Philippines, along with nine communities throughout Indonesia.

Regional Youth Summit Menoken Asia Tenggara 2021, Pertemuan Pemuda Adat Indonesia dan Filipina 

Bogor, 18 November 2021. Kegiatan Noken Kembali akan di selenggarakan pada tanggal 19-21 November 2021. Kegitan Menoken kali akan dilaksanakan di dua negara region Asia Tenggara yaitu Indonesia dan Filipina. Berbeda dengan menoken sebelumnya yang di selenggarakan di satu lokasi menoken dengan melibatkan beberapa komunitas, Menoken kali ini akan melibatkan 7 komunitas yang akan menoken serentak diberbagai lokasi di Filipina, sementara akan ada sembilan komunitas di Indonesia.

Youth Noken A Gathering of young Indigenous Peoples in Philippines and Indonesia

The finest hinabol (Binukid name for handwoven Abaca fiber) are woven into Kamuyot, a type of backpack or slingbag used to carry items and used as an offering to Magbabaya or a peace offering during conflicts with other nearby tribes. Kamuyot is a handloomed product that is used by the Higaonon tribe. Both the men and women carry a range of commodities and items using the bag.


Upholding Indigenous Peoples’ rights: a new social contract for post-pandemic recovery

Celebrating International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples “Leaving no one behind: Indigenous peoples and the call for a new social contract”.

Leaving no one behind means building a just, equitable and inclusive society, in which Indigenous Peoples and local communities hold rights to their territories and are responsible for their own well-being.

Awang women and youth joining forces to bring back the environment

The Panlablaba Youth Association (PAYO) and the Kababaihan sa Panlablaba (KASAP) women’s group planted trees together last May 23, 2021, in Awang, Misamis Oriental. At that time PAYO, with the help of their Elder, Datu Marcus, already had around 4,000 seedlings of various endemic species. They had started their tree nursery in 2019, and last year, at the height of COVID-19 lockdowns, the youth spent their time expanding their nurseries. They still plan to re-plant the surrounding hills in their sitio (village) which had become barren over the years.

Restoring the Land, Prospering the Next Generation.

In the heart of Sentani Lake, there lies a small island. Tourists call this island "Teletubbies Hill" because it has smooth bumpy hills just like in the Teletubbies TV series. The actual name is Yotoro Yoman Jo Hill. Approximately 50ha, it is home to the Kwadeware Village in Waibu District, Jayapura. On top of the hills, one can witness the beautiful scenery of Lake Sentani and the Cycloop Mountains, the far-reaching savanna grasslands and local houses at the edge of the lake surrounding the island. Sunsets and sunrises are naked to the eye because there are no shades to cover the sky.

Green Butter Tengkawang from Pikul Pangajid Forest

Tengkawang, is an endemic plant of West Kalimantan, a species from the Shorea Sp, Depterocarpacae family that can only be found in Kalimantan rain forests. The tengkawang tree in general, harvest once in 3 to 4 years, but in the Pikul Pangajid Customary Forest area in Melayang hamlet, Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan there is a type of Tengkawang Layar that can be harvest yearly.

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