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Samdhana Program

Samdhana’s work lies at the intersection of pressing social, political, economic, ecological, and cultural issues. The “common thread” in all of Samdhana’s work is the urgency of dealing with the root causes of the widening inequality based on the non-recognition of rights of IPLCs to land/sea and limited access to resources.


Samdhana provides direct and flexible financial support to partners to achieve their own aspirations, which resonate with Samdhana’s vision, mission, and values. This financial support is intended for IPLCs, community-based organizations, civil society organizations, informal groups, and/or individuals. The underlying principle to Samdhana’s grant-making is prioritizing provision of financial support to those who normally are unable to get funding support from existing donors or funding sources-in brief funding the “un-fundable” in support of the social and environmental movement in the SEA region or elsewhere as necessary.


Capacity development is a core activity of Samdhana, cross-cutting in the four programs and built into the approaches we take in project implementation. We build on the existing capabilities of individuals and organizations, and support the creation of an enabling environment. The programs works to improve knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits/behaviour by using both traditional and modern knowledge systems and practices. 


Samdhana works on the interconnectedness of mountains and plains, rivers and seas, and people and places with systematic approaches that encompass the socio-political-economic-natural-cultural drivers of local communities development and well-being across generations based on their perception and appreciation. Through the lifescape approach, we work with IPLC partners to secure rights, improve livelihoods, and conserve ecological functions and biodiversity in a particular land and/or seascape. Here, we support the movement for transitioning away from an extractive economy, towards a system that gives priority to healthy and living lands, seas, and empowered IPLCS, to mainstream local, indigenous, and living solutions. 


Support for organizations and individuals working on policy development and advocacy at the international, national, and local levels. It mainly links local organizations and individuals together, supports the convening of events and actions that support policy development and advocacy, and bridge international, national groups/individuals, and local groups/individuals to secure rights, better manage their territories, places and natural resources, and resolve conflicts. 


DGM-I (Dedicated Grant Mechanism Indonesia)

Accelerating Recognition of Indigenous Peoples Rights in Tanah Papua as Key to Low-Emission Development

Fair, Green and Global Alliance (FGG3) Programme Advancing fair and green trade in value chains, shifting power to people

Working with Communities in the Land of Papua to Secure Rights, Improve Livelihoods, and Conserve Forest and Biodiversity

Mekong Small Grants Facility

Increasing Tagbanwa Women and Youth Capacity in Traditional Foods Conservation

ABCD In Food: Agrobiocultural Diversity of Indigenous Food Systems of Calamian Tagbanwa and Higaonon

Indigenous Peoples Support Fund/ Small Grants Program

[On Going] Green Livelihood Alliance (GLA2) Forests for a Just Future - Northern Mindanao Landscape

[On Going] Expanding Community Rights, Livelihoods Innovation and REDD+ in Indonesia (PERMATA)

[Completed] Nurturing the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities’ Women Environmental Defenders (WE-Defend)


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