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“Continue What We Have Started”: Meet the Papuan Youth Group Reviving their Heritage

Sanggar Seni Budaya Alam Semesta Selemkai (SALSES – Selemkai Arts and Culture Centre), is a community consisting of young people who are active in preserving arts and culture, while also managing eco tourism in Kampung Klabili (Klabili village). Also known as Kalabili (from the language of the Moi Kelim sub-tribe), the village can be found in the Selemkai district of Tambrau regency in West Papua. 

Finding common strategies among neighboring Mekong countries

Last February 8, 2022, NGOs, non-profit associations and local organizations with whom Samdhana had worked with or had supported came together for the Mekong Partners’ Meeting. Twenty-eight participants from 19 organizations from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos joined the meeting via online. Albeit, it was not face-to-face but the Partners had a meaningful exchange on their current situations, the challenges they have to hurdle, and strategies that for them have been effective.

Reforestation Field School: A space for inspiration and sharing to build Young People who care more about the Earth

When I went to the Reforestation Field School, I immediately knew this school was the school I had always wanted to attend. I wanted to go to a school where I could be outdoors; I wanted to study directly in the field and get practical experience, not just read books and theoretical materials in the classroom.At the reforestation field school, we study the material, then immediately put it into practice in the field. I find that really stimulating”. Adam|Student of Sekolah Lapang Reforestasi Jurusan Budi Daya Kopi

Menoken in Tanah Timor: Building Youth Leaders in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) for a brighter future and resilient community

As part of its ongoing commitment to foster unity to foster unity in diversity throughout Indonesia the Menoken journey recently travelled to the districts of South-Central Timor, with the aim of strengthening networks, sharing ideas for the protection and preservation of the environment.

Indigenous youth lead in community conservation

The COVID-19 pandemic did not deter Higaonon and Bukidnon communities in Northern Mindanao in sustaining community conservation. 

The map below indicates the location of the indigenous tree nursery, women community gardens and tree-planting activities that were spurred on in the ICON Project (Indigenous Governance at the Forefront of Conservation Project, supported by Forest Foundation Philippines).

Map Higaonon

Stories of Hope and Struggle 2020

The year 2020 is the year of reflection and resilience, our organization and partners remain hopeful and work tirelessly through these hard times. Through the release of the Story of Hope and Struggle vol #1 2020, we wish to share with you not only stories of struggle that bring out the best in people but also how a story on the power of collaborative action can reflect our, you and the people hope to reappear. 

Jambore Nusantara was conducted in Ketambe, Southeast Aceh

31 women leaders, indigenous youth, and local community from 11 areas in Indonesia will join Jambore Nusantara in Ketambe Village, Southeast Aceh District, Aceh Province on 23-26 July 2019. They will join with other participants and local committees from Ketambe, Aceh Tenggara. There are 100 total participants. 

The 11 areas comprise Papua, West Papua, South Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, Maluku West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Central Java, West Java, and Aceh. Samdhana Institute collaborated with Sekolah Ekologi Leuser (SEL) in conducting this Jambore Nusantara.

Jambore Nusantara: Diversity in the heart of Leuser

The opening ceremony of Jambore Nusantara in the Ketambe village, Ketambe subdistrict, Southeast Aceh district, was conducted with Peuseujuk indigenous procession which officially began on Tuesday July 23, 2019. The ceremony was led by four indigenous woman leaders, which intended to wish safety, peace, and happiness for the Jambore event since it commenced until Thursday July 25, 2019, which was bring to a close with Saman dance by the full spirit Ketambe youngsters. Saman dance is listed as one of the UNESCO’s intangible culture heritage.