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Jambore Nusantara: Diversity in the heart of Leuser


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More than 100 participants, which include woman leaders, indigenous youths, and local communities from 11 areas in Indonesia gathered during this 3 days Jambore Nusantara event. Photo by Samdhana/Anggit.

The opening ceremony of Jambore Nusantara in the Ketambe village, Ketambe subdistrict, Southeast Aceh district, was conducted with Peuseujuk indigenous procession which officially began on Tuesday July 23, 2019. The ceremony was led by four indigenous woman leaders, which intended to wish safety, peace, and happiness for the Jambore event since it commenced until Thursday July 25, 2019, which was bring to a close with Saman dance by the full spirit Ketambe youngsters. Saman dance is listed as one of the UNESCO’s intangible culture heritage.

There are more than 100 participants, which include woman leaders, indigenous youths, and local communities from 11 areas in Indonesia gathered during this 3 days Jambore Nusantara event. They are from Papua, West Papua, South Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, Maluku, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Central Java, West Java, and off course Aceh as the event’s host. The location of Ketambe village in Ketambe subdistrict, Southeast Aceh district was chosen due to its proximity in the National Park of Leuser Mountain, which is the largest tropical rain forest in Indonesia or the second largest in the world after the Amazon, Brazil. It is also next to the Protected Forest.

H.Bukhari, the vice head of district/ vice regent (wakil bupati) welcome and embrace the Jambore Nusantara in his area. He expects that the event conducted by Samdhana Institute and Sekolah Ekologi Leuser (SEL) would deliver smart practice in human resource management and development, sustainable farming, local food, environmental friendly herbal and craft products. This may also stimulate entrepreneurship spirit for all participants from many provinces.

“We expect breakthrough and innovation in local wisdom to evolve during this event. Let’s make the most of it to share and to exchange experience from each region”, he appealed.

Moreover, the vice head of district highlighted as the Leuser Mountain area is now one of the world heritage sites, continuous communication is needed to unify perception amongst people, local government and central government in how to best conserve the Leuser Mountain National Park (Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser (TNGL).

People of Ketambe village which are related with the Gayo people culture and tradition in Aceh also supported their vice regent in welcoming the committee and participants of Jambore Nusantara 2019.

On behalf of the village, indigenous figure, and Ketambe village officials, Tarmizi Alba, the Jambore committee representative in Ketapang appreciate the involvement of indigenous figure and women from Sabang to Merauke. He said that he is grateful that by the mean of this Jambore Nusantara, all participants are willing to gather to form a mutual power, which will be a vivid strength to achieve an excellent civilization.

“We have a mutual goal here which is to link the government and communities surrounding forest areas in terms of communication and information, in order to optimize protected area management, for the sake of forest preservation and people’s wellbeing,” stated Tarmizi, Southeast Aceh youth figure which is also the founder of Sekolah Ekologi Leuser.

Jambore Nusantara is a meeting room to exchange knowledge, experience, and best practise in many places which will enrich knowledge and expand cooperation network amongst communities. Jambore Nusantara will be an effort to actualize this and to capture community intelligence that strives to free themselves from their socio-ecological problems, so they could adapt and survive by benefiting their natural and human resources as their asset to achieve civilized society.

Cristi Nozawa of Samdhana stated her appreciation of Jambore Nusantara conduction in Ketambe. The presence of youth, indigenous figure, and elders, which gathers to share their knowledge in one community is hard to find. Many attend the event to share with each other from Papua to Aceh. This kind of treasure and diversity of Indonesia are things to be proud of as a country. She also acknowledged natural materials’ usage in several Ketambe products.

“I am thrilled that Ketambe are making use of natural sources for products, such as mattresses, instead of using plastic. Because we are collecting many sources here to be one power, and this turns out to be very beautiful” Cristi explained.

Beside the opening speeches, the first day of Jambore also presents stories of leaders and their change movements. They are Dicky Senda (East Nusa Tenggara), Ni Luh Yeni Arianti (Bali), Slamet Diharjo (Banyuwangi), Arifin (Central Java) and Agusta Maria Wanggadipa (Papua).

Next is the public dialogue with the General Director of Natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ir. Wiratno, M.Sc on conservation partnership. Conservation partnership is a program in his directorate which involves communities within and in surrounding the conservation area. A cooperation programme that put people as the lead actor in managing the land to be productive as well as preserving them as it supposed to be.

“I have a program now, to achieve a conservation partnership agreement. I come her to meet you all and offer to form this conservation partnerships together,” explained the general director of KSDAE, Ir. Wiratno, M.Sc.

During the question and answer session, Wiratno highlighted Ketambe for their orangutans which become a research object. The message was to intensify the existing management area, not to extend the area. He allows collaborative management in natural preservation area. “The forest not only contain woods, we are all responsible of the God given nature because animals in the forest are also providing use with many intangible benefits,” he added.

The 3 days Jambore Nusantara also presents three inspiration classes, i.e. sovereignty, independence, and solidarity. Classes that provide inspiration to formulate future plans, to formulate their aims.

During the last day of Jambore, the residents and participants were entertained by saman dance, bines dance and several culture performance of participants’ origin areas. 


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