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Jambore Nusantara was conducted in Ketambe, Southeast Aceh


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One of the corners in Ketambe Village, Leuser Mountain National Park, Southeast Aceh District. Photo by: Anggit/Samdhana

31 women leaders, indigenous youth, and local community from 11 areas in Indonesia will join Jambore Nusantara in Ketambe Village, Southeast Aceh District, Aceh Province on 23-26 July 2019. They will join with other participants and local committees from Ketambe, Aceh Tenggara. There are 100 total participants. 

The 11 areas comprise Papua, West Papua, South Sulawesi, West Kalimantan, Maluku West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, Bali, Central Java, West Java, and Aceh. Samdhana Institute collaborated with Sekolah Ekologi Leuser (SEL) in conducting this Jambore Nusantara.

Head of Capacity Development Program Samdhana Institute, Ita Natalia said that one of the Jambore Nusantara purposes is to allow participants exchange stories, experience, and skills in facing social ecology crisis in their village or their surrounding environment. She also mentioned that Another aim is also to compile the follow-up agenda in solving social ecology crisis?. 

Participants also received inspiration samples through smart practices in natural resource management, sustainable farming, local food, herbal and organic products, as well as crafts and woven. 

Another jambore activity is to inspire and to motivate particularly youngsters in developing social entrepreneurship to support the community independence. We also support participants to utilize technology innovation through social media platform in the effort to nurture their culture and local wisdom which hopefully could keep up with the current dynamics and development she continued. 

Beside learning and sharing experiences, The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, The Ministry of Village Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration, Local Government, civil society organization, and other practitioners are also giving lectures and sharing their knowledges. 

During the Jambore, participants can contribute to several sessions, such as discussions, public dialogues, inspiration classes, composing their future expectations, culture and solidarity night, adventures, expression in emotional, intention, and creation, as well as exhibitions of products and crafts. 

During the adventure course, the participants explore Leuser and Alas river (Jelajah Alam Leuser dan susur Sungai Alas). In the session of expressing emotional/ feel, intention, and creation, participants joins coffee rituals, archaeology product exploration, community craft, and eco-print.

There are also traditional festive and art performance of Southeast Aceh. Tarmizi stated that field activities during Jambore Nusantara rely on the fully organized and trained local cadres of Sekolah Ekologi Leuser (SEL). 

SEL is a laboratory of area development in 10 village surrounding the Leuser Mountain national park in Ketambe sub-district, Southeast Aceh District.


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