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Primary Forest Case Study

Realising rights-based conservation and a sustainable development agenda in Papua to protect the last remaining Indonesian primary forests.


  • Primary forest area (source): 25 million ha
  • Carbon storage/sequestration: store 5,081 million tons of carbon
  • Keystone species: birds of paradise, tree kangaroos, rainbow fishes, birdwing butterflies, black orchids
  • Supporting indigenous groups, local people: 271 indigenous tribes

Context and values

Supporting local Actors

To accelerate the recognition of indigenous territory, in September 2018, the Jayapura regency government issued a District law for the recognition, protection and empowerment of indigenous peoples, establishing a special task force called the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (GTMA). The task force focuses on preparing social and spatial data, providing capacity building to institutions related to the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples' rights to natural resources, and policy analysis which strengthens the implementation of this program.

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