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Frequency of Love

Frequency of Love: This was one of the reasons Ruwi would never get tired to go on a #Nokening journey, because it never ended with a short love story. Everyone who is involved in #Nokening journey remain in the same frequency, what’s the Frequency? It’s the frequency of love He said.  “I then shared that I experienced the beauty and richness of forest, rivers, swamp, the delicious food of sago, tubers, fish, banana, and so many more, and most importantly the friendliness, the openness, the welcoming, the joyful, the artfulness of and the singing and dancing Papuans communities”.

Green Butter Tengkawang from Pikul Pangajid Forest

Tengkawang, is an endemic plant of West Kalimantan, a species from the Shorea Sp, Depterocarpacae family that can only be found in Kalimantan rain forests. The tengkawang tree in general, harvest once in 3 to 4 years, but in the Pikul Pangajid Customary Forest area in Melayang hamlet, Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan there is a type of Tengkawang Layar that can be harvest yearly.

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