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Welcoming Le Anh and Ho Ming to Samdhana’s Board


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Welcome and best wishes, Le Anh and Ho Ming!. Samdhana’s new board member

Samdhana welcomes Le Anh Nguyen Long, Ph.D. and Ms. Ho Ming So Denduangrudee who joined the International Board starting January 2022. Getting younger members of the Samdhana Board is one of the key steps in regenerating the Institute, as they bring in fresh perspectives and new energies. With the new Members, Samdhana also expresses its heartfelt thanks to  Board Members who have stepped down: Yvan Biot, who served as Treasurer of the Board and Head of the Finance Committee, and Tony La Vina who was one of the longest-serving Fellow on the Board, both the Philippines and the International Board.

The new members were nominated by Samdhana Fellows who have worked with them directly and know them very well.  Le Anh is currently a Professor of Public Administration in the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands and is a Fellow of Parabukas, and a member of the European Research Association. Ho Ming is currently the Organizational Capability Advisor of Chevron in San Ramon, California, USA. Both Members are of Southeast Asian in descent. Whilst they are based outside of Asia, they have worked in the region for many years. Le Anh has worked with the Samdhana Philippines team in a previous project in 2018-2019, while Ho Ming was an Associate in Samdhana in 2014-2018, leading the project design, monitoring & evaluation and social impact assessment for the Dedicated Grant Mechanism, among others. 

Welcome and best wishes, Le Anh and Ho Ming!



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Welcoming Le Anh and Ho Ming to Samdhana’s Board