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Nurturing Women Environmental Defenders


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Application to the WED Cohort and Fellowship Program is now open

In 2021, the Philippines was identified as the deadliest country in Asia and 3rd in the world for environmental defenders, with women facing unique vulnerabilities and even graver threats. Women bear the burdens of environmental destruction when their homes and livelihoods, their sources of clean water, food and medicine are gravely affected or lost.  

Samdhana Institute is currently implementing the project “Nurturing Indigenous and Local Women Environmental Defenders”. 

The project will support twenty-three (23) indigenous and local women environmental defenders (WEDs) in the Philippines to participate in the Cohort and Fellowship Program. Through this program, WEDs will be able to engage in meaningful and unique opportunities for learning and practicing new skills, reflection and retreat,  and interaction and exchange with women defenders in other sectors to strengthen their networks. They will be supported to implement their own community projects through a period of 6-8-months. 

Application to the WED Cohort and Fellowship Program is now open. Click this link and download the files for more information.


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