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From Climate to Community: ICONIQ Progress Report, 2022


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Comparative study of YPKKA (Yayasan Pengembangan dan Perlindungan Komunitas Adat Grime-Nawa), Jayapura to the the center of water treatment company in East Java. Through this comparative study, they can learn negotiation techniques and strategies as well as support networks in lobbying and negotiating. This comparative study is part of preparing the community for payment ecosystem services and CSR process.

During 2022, Samdhana made progress in various fields as part of the ICONIQ Project. This initiative sets out to tackle a range of issues, including climate justice, gender equality and poverty alleviation. By working with partners, across sectors and with a multidisciplinary approach, the Project is making a difference to Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) in Southeast Asia.

Throughout the region, natural disasters resulting from climate change are becoming more frequent and more severe. Invariably, these events hit poor communities the hardest, leaving them with little or no time to recover. At the start of 2022, a typhoon demonstrated the need for action on two fronts: implementing long-term climate change mitigation strategies, while also building community resilience in the here and now, to help withstand future impacts.

Climate Change and Agroecology: Building Resilience, Planting for the Future 

In Bogor, Indonesia, Samdhana developed an agroecological farm for members of the local community interested in living more sustainably. The Samdhana Agroecological farm provides a space for green-fingered residents, where they can learn new techniques and get the support they need. Working in collaboration with the Women Urban Farming (KWT) group, the centre puts special emphasis on supporting women farmers in West Java. 

Part of the ICONIQ Project, this activity was conceived as a follow-up to the F2F (Fork to Farm) dialogues that coincided with the 26th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC held in 2021, during which Samdhana helped to facilitate a series of online dialogues between young farmers in Southeast Asia and beyond. 

Around the world, Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) offer a practical solution to conserving nature and the resources it provides, while also recognising the integral role that IPLCs play in this process. Working alongside our local partner, Jayapura-YPKKA (Yayasan Pengembangan dan Perlindungan Komunitas Adat Grime-Nawa), Samdhana provided organisational development support To IPLCs in the Grime Nawa customary area in Jayapura District, Papua Province. This helped them to prepare for PES negotiations with State Electricity Company PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara). 

Strength in Unity: Empowering Minorities Through Collaboration 

Papua is of one of the world’s biggest carbon sinks, making it an important battleground in the fight against climate change. Here, Indigenous Peoples are on the frontline; they play a vital role as forest guardians, standing up to exploitation and land conversion by industrial agriculture. But they cannot do it alone. 

As part of ICONIQ Project efforts in 2022, Samdhana has been supporting the formation of Indigenous Peoples Corporations. Through economic empowerment, these IP-led groups have the potential to provide long-term solutions to environmental issues, while also securing the rights and livelihoods of local peoples.  

From 24–30 October 2022, Samdhana showed its support for the social-environmental movement in Southeast Asia by helping to facilitate economic development workshops for women and youths in Indigenous schools. The workshops formed part of the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN) Congress, held in the Tabi Indigenous Area of Jayapura Regency in Papua Province. 

Women, disability and youth is a key area of focus for the ICONIQ Project. In 2022, Samdhana continued building the capacity of community groups and organisations, particularly in regard to mainstreaming Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) in village development programmes. This included various projects in collaboration with government and partner organisations.  

Looking to the Future: Challenges and Next Steps

2022 was a year of unique challenges and landmark progress in the fields of climate change mitigation and community development. From natural disasters to man-made threats, Samdhana helped IPLCs overcome obstacles and navigate pathways to a more equitable, sustainable and collaborative future.

To maintain this momentum, it is vital that Samdhana continues to devise and implement programmes that address key pressure points at the intersection of climate justice, gender equality and poverty alleviation. Each of these issues are inter-related; moving forward, an holistic approach is needed if we are to achieve equitable, sustainable development.

Ultimately, these efforts can only be impactful if we are willing to support them with the resources they need to take root and succeed. In 2023, Samdhana must be ready to scale up resource mobilisation, while doubling its efforts to channel these resources into programmes where they are needed most. In 2022, the ICONIQ Project established an important foothold; now, it’s time to take the next step. 



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