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World Environment Day 2021


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World Environment Day 2021

Theme: “Ecosystem Restoration”


Samdhana observes World Environment Day 2021, celebrating the theme “Ecosystem Restoration.” This year’s Environment Day also launches the United Nation’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
In recognition of one of the most important keepers of our ecosystems, the Indigenous Peoples, we are launching the Nurturing Generation feature series.
Indigenous Peoples’ relationship with the ecosystem is rooted in their belief that land is life and their life is connected with nature. Through their knowledge systems and practices (IKSP), Indigenous Peoples are recognized to be critical in maintaining the ecological balance, and protect the life-giving ecosystems we depend on. Indigenous Peoples’ worldview is holistic and an integrated understanding of the world, deeply interconnected with and respectful of the natural environment.
We celebrate the generations of Indigenous Peoples living in and with the land, since time immemorial. We also look up to the Indigenous and local Youths, future generations who are stepping up to make their ecosystems a much better place. We will learn from the Samdhana Fellows’ generation of practitioners who are giving back from their years of experience in the social and environmental movements.
Not only are we supporting Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLCs) restoring their ecosystems, we are restoring & nurturing our relationships with the land, with nature and the environment, with groups of people with diverse cultures and abilities, and relationships with one another. Especially in this time of the pandemic, it is more crucial to protect and restore the ecosystems that provide us with critical life support.
Look forward to coming features: videos and podcasts on community restoration initiatives, “Tastes and Tales of Indigenous Peoples: landscape dialogues on food systems,” regional learning events and upcoming Youth Jamboree, “Menoken” and Samdhana’s 18th year celebration.
Together, we can be #generationrestoration, #nurturingGeneration, #findingresilience.


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