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Restoring the Land, Prospering the Next Generation.


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During the "Menoken di Tabi", youngsters planted the trees “adopted” by the locals, volunteers, and Government officials Yotoro Hills. (Roki/SAMDHANA)

In the heart of Sentani Lake, there lies a small island. Tourists call this island "Teletubbies Hill" because it has smooth bumpy hills just like in the Teletubbies TV series. The actual name is Yotoro Yoman Jo Hill. Approximately 50ha, it is home to the Kwadeware Village in Waibu District, Jayapura. On top of the hills, one can witness the beautiful scenery of Lake Sentani and the Cycloop Mountains, the far-reaching savanna grasslands and local houses at the edge of the lake surrounding the island. Sunsets and sunrises are naked to the eye because there are no shades to cover the sky.

But there is a downside to the beauty of the place. The Yotoro Hills are frequently dry; the grasslands directly face the sun, and at noon it is blazing hot. The hills are prone to erosion and landslides, which have happened before. Therefore, the locals decided it would be a good idea to plant trees to hold together the loose hill slopes.

During the Menoken di Tabi,  youngsters planted the trees “adopted” by the locals, volunteers, and Government officials Yotoro Hills on Earth Day. The 300 saplings were provided by the Mamberamo Watershed Nursery Center with productive species such as crystal guava, laurel, jackfruit, and Merbau trees. The adopted saplings were planted in designated areas, and identification and information cards were attached to its trunk. 

The information consists of the name of the individual or organization that adopted the tree and its species. Adopting the trees is a way for the locals who have indigenous rights in the area to have access to the trees, which hopefully will benefit them and their children in the future. It also served to reinforce the environmental education that the children received at an early age. 



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