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Capacity Building Training for the Balai Juhu Indigenous Peoples


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Packaging training for the Balai Juhu Indigenous Peoples held by AMAN Hulu Sungai Tengah (HST) 19-20 February 2022. (AMAN HST)

One of the cornerstones of product marketing is competent human resources. Cognisant of this fact, Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (AMAN) and Hulu Sungai Tengah (HST) held a joint training session to maximise the skills of the Balai Juhu Indigenous Peoples (IP), specifically in regard to managing agricultural commodities such as coffee and honey.

Held at the Grand Bhima Hotel from 19-20 February 2022, this training activity set out to develop skills and build capacity among the Balai Juhu IP. Special attention was paid to the quality of packaging design, so that their products could be made more attractive to prospective buyers.

In addition to various residents from the Balai Juhu Indigenous community, the event was attended by representatives from a number of government agencies, including the trade office, tourism department, health service, village government, district government and agriculture service.

Participants listened to presentations from two experts, namely Hendra, from the Department of Trade, Industry, Cooperatives and MSMEs; and Dwi Putra Kurniawan, Head of the South Kalimantan Indonesian Farmers Union (SPI).

They explained how to filter honey and pack it into bottles, then label it or add a brand name to the packaging before the product is marketed. In addition, participants also got better acquainted with the various forms of honey packaging that can already be found in the market.

On the following day, trainees gained exposure to information about the marketing of processed coffee products. This began with the process of picking coffee, then moved on to drying procedures, processing it into green beans and then packing these beans into pouches or plastic clip wraps ready for the market.

Thereafter, participants also learned how to grow coffee using leaves, seeds and tree trunks. They discovered the benefits of choosing a relatively young leaf, then cutting it into quarters and planting in polybags.

Participants also learned to plant beans selected from ripe coffee cherries. Meanwhile, seeding from the stem can be done by trimming down to a height of about 10 centimetres; after that, the leaves can be removed from the stems and then planted into the ground or in polybags until new roots grow.

During this session, the experts instructed attendees that coffee trees in polybags should be placed under shady trees, so that the leaves remain green and produce quality coffee beans. Polybags should be placed near fruit trees such as durian, or forest trees such as gaharu, and so on. From this training, the Balai Juhu IP learned about new and innovative marketing strategies for processed coffee and honey products, which can ultimately enhance their livelihoods.

AMAN and HST's efforts to build capacity among the Balai Juhu IP actually date back to before the training; they previously submitted a recommendation to process the group’s Business Identification Number (NIB), after which the Guild and Association of Balai Mula Ada Desa Juhu received NIB number 2312210018355 in accordance with a letter from the Minister of Investment / Head of BKPM, issued on 23 December 2021.

After this was letter released, residents were officially able to carry out business activities including industrial coffee processing, seeding, beekeeping and honey collection. AMAN and HST supported this process and went on to provide technical training support, while also taking care of the Home Industry Food Licensing Certificate (PIRT). They are currently waiting for verification from the local health office.

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