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Frank Momberg
Asia-Pacific Development Director for Fauna Flora International (FFI)


Frank Momberg started working on indigenous land rights mapping and community forestry, initially in Lampung and West Kalimantan almost two decades ago. The KDTI [Kawasan Dengan Tujuan Istimewa] A special forest area dedicated to community forest management] in Krui, Lampung, was one of the first acknowledgements of community rights in forests in Indonesia.Following this, Frank worked as a trainer on land rights with various organizations, training local communities and local NGOs and mapping community rights throughout Indonesia from Papua to Kalimantan, from Aceh to Nusa Tenggara Timur. Frank's focus then shifted to working on collaborative protected area management and biodiversity conservation until he became involved in climate change issues and REDD about 8 years ago.
Frank has been working at FFI for almost 12 years. After 10 years of working in Indonesia, mostly with WWF, Frank started working with FFI in Vietnam and Cambodia for 6 years. Indochina gave Frank new perspectives on community based forest management that didn't yet exist in such forms in Indonesia. In 2004 Frank returned to Indonesia as FFI's Asia Director for Programme Development, based in Jakarta. Frank can be reached at


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