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Chip Fay
Forest and Natural Resource Rights Policy Analyst and Musician


Chip is the grandson of a Boston Irish politician who drafted the first legislation in America mandating the eight hour workday. He gave up a less than promising career as a folksinger and at 24 moved to the Northern Philippines to work (and play) among the Atta, a community of Negrito hunter gatherers in the Apayao Rainforests. After three years, he moved on to begin broader work on human rights and indigenous peoples, most often in forest landscapes, beginning as a program officer for Survival International. He subsequently worked for a number of environmental, human rights, research and donor organizations supporting work that empowers local communities to gain solid legal foundations upon which to solve their own problems. Chip is one of Samdhana’s founding Fellows and is currently based in Stockholm with his wife and partner Nonette Royo.


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