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Antonio B. Quizon
Environmental Movement Leader


Antonio B. Quizon graduated with an AB in Sociology, and short courses on Development Management, Organizational Development and Monitoring & Evaluation. Tony was former Executive Director and current Board Member and Project Director of the Asian NGO Coalition. He has spent the past three decades working with farmers and NGOs in various capacities: as community organizer, journalist, researcher, mentor, and as Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer of a national peasant federation. Antonio as serves as Board member of nine NGOs and community-based organizations in the Philippines and across Asia working on agrarian reform, sustainable agriculture, coastal resources management, and community-based conservation of plant genetics. Beyond the Philippines, Tony has been member of, amongst others, the World Bank-NGO Committee, CGIAR External Review Panel, CGIAR-NGO Committee, and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies. He has engaged in project implementation, research and M&E work for IFAD, FAO, ADB, UNDP, and the International Land Coalition, amongst others. Tony has authored various publications on agrarian reform, participatory tools and techniques, government-NGO relations, as well as on the economy and ecology.


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